Ruthenium on Alumina

Ruthenium on Alumina is a commonly used heterogeneous catalyst with 0.1%-30% Ruthenium.

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Ruthenium on Alumina is a commonly used heterogeneous catalyst with 0.1%-30% Ruthenium. It is mainly used for the hydrogenation of aromatic aldehydes, aniline and its derivatives, nitroaromatic and aliphatic compounds and industrial exhaust gas purification.





Ruthenium on Alumina

Palladium Content


Cas No.


Brand Name



Chemical Accelerator

Carrier material



1 gram

Country of origin

China (Mainland)

Supply ability

More than 1 ton a month

Carrier shape

tooth ball, ball, column, size 1.5-5mm

The crystal form of the carrier

α type, γ type, δ type;


The Ruthenium content can vary from 0.1% to 30%. It is mainly used for nitro reduction, double bond hydrogenation, dechlorination, debenzylation, ester hydrocracking, heterocyclic hydrogenation, ketone amine condensation and other continuous reactions with large production capacity.


can be packed according to user requirements 



Ruthenium on Alumina is a catalytic material that has ruthenium particles deposited on a high-surface-area aluminum oxide carrier. Ruthenium is a member of the platinum group metals, which are known for their excellent catalytic properties. Alumina, on the other hand, is a widely used carrier for such metals as it is robust, chemically inert, and has a high surface area. By combining the two materials, we have created a product that can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your industrial processes.



1. Highly efficient catalyst: Ruthenium is well-known for its exceptional catalytic properties. Its deposition on alumina enhances its activity, allowing for high chemical conversion rates in a variety of reactions.

2. Longevity: Ruthenium on Alumina is a highly stable and durable product. It remains active for an extended period, making it an excellent investment for your industrial needs.

3. High selectivity: Our product also exhibits high selectivity in various reactions. For example, it can selectively activate certain C-H bonds, leading to a specific product rather than a mixture of products.

4. Eco-Friendly: Ruthenium on Alumina is an eco-friendly solution for a variety of chemical reactions. It is not harmful to the environment and is suitable for environmental sustainability.

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