Platinum on Carbon

The paltinum content of platinum on carbon can be from 0.1% to 60%.

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The paltinum content of platinum on carbon can be from 0.1% to 60%. It is mainly used for hydrogenation of most functional groups, and has high activity for the hydrogenation of C=C, C=O, and C=N. It is widely used in the hydrogenation reduction refining process of petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, perfume industry, dye industry and other fine chemicals.






Platinum on carbon

Paltinum content


Cas No.


Brand Name



Chemical Accelerator


powdered activated carbon


1 gram

Country of origin

China (Mainland)

Supply ability

More than 1 ton a month

Main Characteristics

High selectivity, high reducibility, stable performance, small dosage, capable to be used at low temperature and low pressure or even room temperature and normal pressure, high cycle times in the same system, recyclable after purification and reprocessing.

Average particle size of the carrier (μm)

Adjustable according to the specific application reaction type and filter equipment


Pharmaceuticals, pesticides, liquid crystals, fragrances, dyes, petrochemicals, coal chemicals, fuel cell (automobiles, ships, aircraft), environmental protection, etc.


can be packed according to user requirements (gram level to kilogram level)



Platinum on Carbon is a finely ground powder that is produced through a chemical reaction between chloroplatinic acid and activated carbon. The resulting product contains a uniformly dispersed amount of platinum, which is known for its catalytic properties. The platinum coating on the carbon is instrumental in facilitating many chemical and industrial reactions. For this reason,  Platinum on Carbon has a vast range of applications, which include hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, and reduction.

Platinum coatings are known to be effective catalysts for a wide range of chemical reactions. In many industrial processes such as hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, and reduction, platinum on carbon has proven to be a very effective catalyst. The platinum coating serves as a reducer of the activation energy required for various chemical reactions. As a result, it increases reaction rates, leading to more efficient and cost-effective production.

Platinum on Carbon is easy to use and readily available for all industries. It is ideal for various industries, including the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and fine chemical industries, among others. The product is designed to enhance the performance of reaction systems, therefore, it is suitable for use in many industrial applications that require rapid and consistent results. 

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