Liquid phase hydrogenation catalysts for aniline production, Palladium and Platinum on carbon

This palladium on carbon is mainly for aniline which is mainly used in the synthesis of polyurethane raw material diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI), with a global production capacity of about 9.5 million tons, of which 85% is nitrobenzene continuous liquid phase hydrogenation process.

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Detailed Description

Type of metal

Pd-Pt (5%)

Technical parameters

D508μmBET60-80m2/g)Metal dispersion20%Conversion rate of nitrobenzene 100%

Main feature

High activity, good stability, less impurities, low single consumption (< 6g catalyst/ton aniline)

Application and market

In China, Kaili Catalyst is the only supplier of liquid phase hydrogenation catalysts

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