Technology Center

    Kaili Catalyst was approved as “National Local Joint Engineering Research Center for the Research and Development Technology of New Precious Metal Catalysts”, “National Postdoctoral Research Workstation”, “Key Laboratory of Catalytic Materials and Technology in Shaanxi Province”,"National High-tech Enterprise", and “Academician and Expert Workstation in  Shaanxi Province”. It has participated in the drafting and revision of 14 national standards and 67 industry and group standards.The authorized patents of Kaili Catalyst are 159, among which 139 patents are authorized invention patents, 16 patents are authorized utility model patent and 2 patents are authorized industrial design Patent.


    The technology center of Kaili Catalyst consists of eight research laboratories and two testing groups:

Heterogeneous Catalyst and Technology Research Laboratory

Homogeneous Catalyst and Synthesis Technology Research Laboratory

Continuous Catalysis Technology Research Laboratory

New Energy Technology Research Laboratory

New Catalytic Materials and Technology Research Laboratory

Catalytic Science and Technology Research Laboratory

Environmental Catalysis Technology Research Laboratory

Recovery and Reuse Technology Research Laboratory

Catalytic Performance Evaluation and Testing Group 

Physical and Chemical Performance Testing Group

Efficient R & D team is committed to your expectations

Kaili Catalyst has an R&D team of more than 100 specialists, including more than 25 with PhD‘s degrees and over 60 with master’s degrees, which accounts for 30% of the total number of employees. Kaili catalyst also owns an esteemed team of external experts, which features academician Dongyuan Zhao from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, academicians Yuguo Zheng, Weimin Yang, and Jian Lv from Chinese Academy of Engineering. 




with PhD’s degrees


with master’s degrees