Palladium on Carbon

The pd content of palladium on carbon can be 0.1%-30%.The applicable reactions are hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, selective hydrogenation, oxidation, nitro reduction and carbonylation.

Lindlar Catalyst

Lindlar catalyst mainly includes palladium on calcium carbonate and palladium on barium sulfate. The most common used ones are 5% and 10% Lindlar catalyst.

Platinum on Carbon

The paltinum content of platinum on carbon can be from 0.1% to 60%.

Platinum on Alumina

The platinum content can vary from 0.1% to 10%. It can be used for hydrogenation of aromatic aldehydes, aniline, nitroaromatic and aliphatic compounds.

Rhodium on Alumina

Rhodium on Alumina is a kind of heterogeneous catalyst with 0.1%-10% rhodium.

Rhodium on Carbon

The content of Rhodium on carbon can be from 0.1% to 10%.

Ruthenium on Alumina

Ruthenium on Alumina is a commonly used heterogeneous catalyst with 0.1%-30% Ruthenium.

Ruthenium on Carbon

Ruthenium on carbon is a commonly used heterogeneous catalyst, whose Ruthenium content can be from 0.1% to 30%.

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