Propane dehydrogenation to propylene, palladium on alumina

This platinum on alumina is mainly for propane dehydrogenation (PDH) which is the most efficient process for producing propylene. The total production capacity in China is about 15.53 million tons/year.

Fe-Mo catalysts for methanol oxidation to formaldehyde

The Fe-Mo catalysts is mainly used for methanol oxidation to formaldehyde

1, 4-Butanediol (BDO) catalysts with acetylene aldehyde method-Cu-Bi catalyst or Cu₂(OH)₂CO₃

The Cu-Bi catalyst and Cu₂(OH)₂CO₃ have been applied in several Chinese enterprises now and works stably now.

1,4-Butanediol ( BDO ) catalysts-maleic anhydride method, 0.5%Pd/C

This 0.5% palladium on carbon is mainly for 1, 4-Butanediol (BDO) catalysts with maleic anhydride method.

Catalysts for high purity chloroacetic acid, Pd/C

Kaili Catalyst has updated the product from 1%palladium on carbon to 0.8% palladium on carbon and to 0.5% palladium on carbon. This palladium on carbon is charactered with high selectivity, high stability and low cost.

Catalysts for hydrogen chloride oxidation to chlorine gas,Ru/TiO2

Ruthenium on titanium is mainly for hydrogen chloride oxidation to chlorine gasThe initial reaction temperature is about 280℃

Catalysts for synthesis of vinyl chloride by acetylene process, Au/C, gold on carbon

This gold on carbon is mainly for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is the world's second most versatile synthetic resin material, with a total global production capacity of more than 60 million tons. PVC produced by acetylene process uses mercury as a catalyst, resulting in serious pollution.

TDI catalysts, palladium on carbon

The palladium on carbon is mainly for TDI (Toluene Diisocyanate) which is a commonly used raw material for polyurethane. 70% of TDI is used in the manufacture of polyurethane soft foams and their products, while the remainder is used in coatings, sealants, elastomers, etc. The total global TDI production capacity is approximately 3.75 million tons/year, of which Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd accounts for 1.03 million tons/year.

Liquid phase hydrogenation catalysts for aniline production, Palladium and Platinum on carbon

This palladium on carbon is mainly for aniline which is mainly used in the synthesis of polyurethane raw material diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI), with a global production capacity of about 9.5 million tons, of which 85% is nitrobenzene continuous liquid phase hydrogenation process.

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