Happy International Woman's Day!

On March 8, we ushered in the 114th International Working Women's Day. In order to create a warm festive atmosphere and further enhance the sense of work gain and happiness of female employees, Kaili New Materials Union organized a series of interesting activities.

  At the beginning of the activity, Zhu Baiye, chairman of the trade union, on behalf of the company, sent holiday greetings and sincere wishes to all the female employees, thanking them for their unremitting efforts and silent dedication in the work. At the same time, we also placed high expectations on female employees to balance the relationship between work and family, work and study, work and health, further improve their professional learning ability and work competence, and fully demonstrate the style of female employees of the company.

      The professional flower teacher led everyone to learn the knowledge of flower arrangement from the aspects of flower material selection, flower arrangement skills, composition and color matching, introduced the name and meaning of each flower, focused on the shape of the illustration, and carried out flower arrangement display. Under the guidance of the flower teacher, the female staff used their dexterous hands to trim and rebranch the flower material, and match according to different colors and patterns. In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, they have completed their own flower arrangement works, and experienced the charm of flower arrangement art while experiencing the fun of flower arrangement.

      After the flower arrangement, the female workers have participated in the fun game activities, both individual projects and collective projects, reflecting the perfect combination of competition and fun. In the course of the competition, they cooperated with each other, were flexible, agile, and strong, showing the unique style and charm of women in the new era. From time to time, they spread laughter and laughter, the scene was lively and warm, and the whole scene was immersed in a harmonious and happy family.

      The happy time flies quietly, and the event comes to an end in laughter. The implementation of this activity, for female workers to build a platform for mutual exchange and display themselves, not only to enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the team, but also to enhance everyone's striving heart for work and love of life, will further stimulate the responsibility of female workers, actively participate in the company's main battlefield, contribute to the company's high-quality development.


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